14 Android & iOS Apps To Make You Look Skinny (2024)

How many of us dream to nurture a physique like Greek God or Goddess? Possibly all of us. However, none of us is willing to pave the path of perseverance in attaining the benchmark. We all want to have an ecstatic physique without perspiring a little. Henceforth, a techy idea is elucidated to get the best of both worlds. So, here in this article, we came up with the 14 perfect apps to make you look skinny.

Modern AI technology has come a long way to where it is today. With the assistance of AI technology, we can display to the world the best version of us, physically. We are about to discuss some photo editing apps to make you look skinny available on both Android and ios platforms. No more beating around the bush, let’s get into the topic.

14 Best Apps to Make you Look Skinny:

#1 Picsart Photo & Video Editor:

This app, available on both Android and ios, is owned by PicsArt Inc. Over 150 million creators are part of the PicsArt community. You can avail a paid gold version. It enables you to-

  • Adjust your body size, shape, and skin tone.
  • Crop your photo and replace the background with whichever you desire.
  • Retouch your selfies, blur backgrounds and make your sticker stick with your photo.
  • Create, edit and trim videos and improve velfies to take your reels, and IG stories to a higher dimension.
  • Make a collage, add filters and effects, and draw your photo with customizable brushes and layers.
Picsart AI Photo Editor
Picsart AI Photo Editor
Developer: PicsArt, Inc.
Price: Free

#2 Photoshop Express- Photo Editor

Adobe has provided a decent app to make you look skinny. Its categorization as the Editors’ choice on Google Playstore speaks for itself. On this app, you can-

  • Do selective editing, adjust your body shape and size, modify colours and noises, and apply the blur.
  • Make collages with personalized effects, filters, borders, and frames.
  • Be able to do perspective correction, quick fixing, spot healing, etc.
Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

#3 Perfect Me

This application is only available on the Android platform. The 16+ marked app is developed by ryzenrise. On this app, you can play with your physique e.g.-

  • Reshape your body and retouch details, adjust your jawline, skin tone, and leg length.
  • Beautify your face and photos.
  • Make Video body adjustments and photo collages with stickers.
Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor
Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor

#4 Body Editor and Photo Editor

This app is colloquially renowned as Inshot after its developer’s name, Inshot Inc. The app offers you as follows-

  • Body re-shaper, breast, abs, muscles and hips enlarger, and waist and face slimming.
  • Accessories such as caps, sunglasses, beard & moustache to be added to your photo.
  • Collage maker and body tuner.

#5 Fotogenic: Face and Body Tune and Retouch Editor

It is one of the most high-rated apps to make you look skinny available on both ios and Android. Huseyin Ekmekci has developed this much-coveted application. It has the following features-

  • Text feature, speech bubble, captions on photos.
  • Body re-shaping and tune adjustment, muscle and tattoo adding.
  • Colour and perspective adjustment.
  • Customized painting on photos and texture management.
Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor
Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor

#6 Retouch Me

This app, developed by Oleksandr Lozytskyi, has been downloaded more than 1 million times. On this app, you can-

  • Rectify your body shapes, curves, muscles and sizes.
  • Beautify your face by adjusting each component.
  • Edit hairstyle and do fashion makeover.
  • Retouch your photo with numerous features such as colourization, restoration of photos, background management, photo object removal, frame addition, etc.

#7 Body Tune

This app is offered by Face & Body Tune Photo Editor SRL. The app is designed to produce the best version of a figure. You can increase or decrease any body part and also adjust body texture. This can be a convenient answer if your question is to find an app to make you look slimmer.

#8 Photolift Face and Body Editor

This app is created by MmzApps and is available only on Android. Apart from resizing and re-shaping your body, you can-

  • Add accessories to your face, change hairstyles, add beards, moustaches and tattoos,
  • Apply various effects and filters
  • Crop photos and make collages

#9 Best Body Shape

Photo Cool Apps provides this application which has a 4.4-star rating. You are eligible to enlarge, compress, and drag any of your body parts in the picture. There is also a customizable erase brush to brush up on flaws in the photo.

Best Body Shape
Best Body Shape
Developer: Photo Cool Apps
Price: Free

#10 Make Me Slim

Android users can easily access this editing app on their mobile. The app perfects the body and adds many other features to your photo.

  • Give flawless skin and remove pimples or spots.
  • Make your body skinny and taller.
  • Adds a filter to the picture.
  • Adds various beautiful effects to the photo.
Make Me Slim - Make Me Tall
Make Me Slim - Make Me Tall
Developer: Biplabs
Price: Free

#11 FitPix- Body Editor

This photo editing app is for Android users. You can easily make skinny or perfect your body through this app.

  • It slims your waist and arms, reshapes your breast
  • Retouches skin to give a perfect tone.
  • Adds stickers and text and replaces backgrounds.
  • Creates muscles and fixes naturally.
  • With 200+ grids and frames, makes your perfect collage.
  • Removes unsolicited objects from your picture.
FitPix - Face & Body Editor
FitPix - Face & Body Editor

#12 Body App- Best Body Editor

This app is highly recommended as a suitable photo editing app to make you skinny. The App Store gave a rating of 4.4 to the app.

  • It makes you thin and tones your skin as per your requirement.
  • It has a unique feature to make packs in your body.
  • It elongates your legs and makes you look taller.

#13 Peachy – Body Editor

This photo editing app makes the body fat or slim as per the requirement of users. The app is for both Android and iOS users. It has the following functions –

  • Makes the waist thinner and does height correction.
  • Tones the arms and retouches skin to look flawless, adds tattoo, accessories, and lightening effect.
  • Makes legs longer to increase height naturally and adds muscle sticker e.g. arm muscles, calf muscles, etc.
  • Removes acne or spot and adjusts smile arc.
  • Remodels nose, eye, and adjusts the colour of pupil.

#14 Spring

The app is suitable to make perfect the body. Users prefer it due to its feature of making the body skinny or perfect. The app is available for only Android users.

  • It has a slimming function that slims the body naturally.
  • Besides, it has functions to stretch height and resize the head. So that, the body looks natural and attractive.
Spring - Stylish Body Editor
Spring - Stylish Body Editor

The above discussion is presented in a nutshell as follows-

Photo editing apps to make you look skinny

AppCompany/ OwnerSizeRatingNo. of downloadsAvailable on Operating Systems
PicsArtPicsArt, Inc.42MB (Play Store)4.2 (Play Store)500M+iOS, Android
Photoshop Express- Photo EditorAdobe86MB (Play Store)4.3 (Play Store)100M+iOS, Android
Perfect MeRyzenise53MB (Play Store)4.3 (Play Store)10M+Android
Body Editor and Photo EditorInshot Inc.17MB (Play Store)4.2 (Play Store)10M+Android
Fotogenic: Face and Body Tune and Retouch EditorHuseyin Ekmekci81MB (Play Store)4.7 (Play Store)5M+iOS, Android
Retouch MeOleksandr Lozytskyi22MB (Play Store)2.8 (Play Store)1M+Android
Body TuneFace & Body Tune Photo Editor, Sociatatia Cu Raspundere Limitata6.5MB (Play Store)4.0 (Play Store)1M+iOS, Android
Photolift Face and Body EditorMmz Apps37MB (Play Store)3.5 (Play Store)1M+Android
Best Body ShapePhoto Cool Apps4.9MB (Play Store)4.4 (Play Store)400K+Android
Make Me SlimBiplabs4.2MB (Play Store)3.7 (Play Store)100K+Android
Pre Editor: Body Editor FaceOleg Foltyn31.6MB (App Store)4.3 (App Store) iOS, Android
FitPix- Body EditoreToolkit Inc.55MB (App Store3.9 (Play Store)1M+Android
Body App- Best Body EditorAlpha Mobile Ltd.93.2MB (App Store)4.4 (App Store) iOS
Peachy – Body EditorInstaShot Inc.132.9MB (App Store)4.8 (App Store) iOS, Android
SpringSosofulbros3.5MB (Play Store)4.0 (Play Store)100K+Android

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are “skinny” photo editing apps easy to use for beginners?

Yes, most skinny photo editing apps are user-friendly and provide step-by-step instructions for beginners.

Is it ethical to use apps to make you look skinny in photos?

It’s a personal choice. While these apps can boost confidence, they may also contribute to unrealistic body standards.

Are these skinny photo editing apps free?

Many apps offer free basic features, but might require in-app purchases for additional premium features.

Can I use these apps for professional photo editing?

While these apps offer advanced features, professionals may prefer more specialized software like Adobe Photoshop.

This is everything from our end. In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a little fun, a confidence boost, or a tool to aid in your photo editing projects, these 14 apps can be a game-changer. They offer a range of features to help you enhance your photos, making you look slimmer, taller, or just generally more fabulous.

However, remember that true beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and these apps should never define your self-worth. These are merely tools that help you portray yourself in a different light. Always embrace your unique attributes and remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are.

Hope this article on apps that make you look skinnier was helpful. Happy reading!

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