9 Best Subtitle Apps for Android & iPhone

Imagine you are watching videos, movies, series or television shows, but facing difficulties to understand the language. At this time, you can best take the service of these best subtitle apps for Android and iOS.

You turn on the subtitle option and start to watch it while reading the subtitles. Now, you can enjoy it properly without language boundaries. Subtitles are the most useful aids if you are trying to enjoy videos of foreign languages. Also, it helps people having hearing disabilities enjoy videos, movies etc.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the cool subtitles apps for iPhone and Android. The applications are extremely helpful in case you want to add subtitles to a video. You can also find some subtitle apps that have subtitles for your favourite TV series and movies. If you are a fan of watching international TV shows or movies, the article must help you to a great extent.

9 Best Subtitle Apps for Android and iPhone

If you want to add subtitles to your videos, you must gain some knowledge about some best subtitles apps. You can download the apps from Google Play or App Store and explore their features. Here is the list of the best Subtitle apps for Android and iOS users.

1. Veme.ly

When it comes to adding subtitles, Veme.ly is one of the best subtitle apps having 4.6 ratings. Android and iOS users both can use it for translating subtitles into 5 different languages like French, German, English, Portuguese and Spanish. It helps to add texts, captions or loops to your videos.

You can import videos from photo library or cloud services, download videos from third-party resources like Pixabay, Pexels etc. and download videos directly from Veme.ly. You can mute video portions or control the volume. Besides, you can add emojis, progress borders or banners to your video.

There are options to choose from about 500 font icons to add to videos. Along with the free features, you can explore the added special features by subscribing to the app.

If you are active in sharing video content on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok, you can easily use the app to add subtitles. You have to simply select the video and customize it. You can then save it and socialize the content.

2. Mix Captions

Another popular application used by tiktokers and Instagrammers is Mix Captions. You can use it for your Android and iPhone video captioning. It helps you create attention-grabbing video subtitles that increase the engagement and views of the videos.

The application easily transcribes the videos and adds captions. You can customise the fonts, colours, text backgrounds, and positions of captions. There are about 23 international languages. It does not translate your videos but rather transcribed the spoken language into texts.

For subscribers of Mixcaptions, there are many special features. If you pay for the individual subscription option, 10 minutes videos can be transcribed. Besides, a business subscription option allows you to get transcribed videos 30 minutes longer.

MixCaptions Add Text, Subtitle
MixCaptions Add Text, Subtitle

3. Subtitles Viewer

This application is specially dedicated to iOS users. You can synchronise the app with videos, shows or movies on your iPhone or Mac and enjoy the essence of the content. Subtitles are available in multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Malay etc.

You can download 3 subtitle languages for free from the huge database of subtitles at opensubtitles.org. But, if you are interested to enjoy videos in more than 3 languages, you need to subscribe to the application. Of the versatility of languages, people using iOS devices love to explore Subtitles Viewer.

Subtitle Viewer
Subtitle Viewer
Developer: Benjamin Bisinger
Price: Free

4. Sub Reader

Sub Reader is another popular subtitles app used by both Android and iPhone users. If you love to spend time on international movies but you are facing difficulties in understanding languages, you can explore the application. No matter which streaming services you are exploring, Sub Reader allows you to enjoy your favourite movies and shows.

If you want to get Sub Reader Plus, you have to pay USD 9.99/month. A paid member gets access to spoken subtitles on Netflix, HBO Nordic and Viaplay. Also, you can get the best voices that are based on artificial intelligence to make your movie night cheerful. If you do not choose to subscribe to Sub Reader, still you can enjoy movies supporting the application.

Subtitle Reader
Subtitle Reader
Developer: WellDev
Price: Free

5. Kaptioned

Kaptioned is one of the best subtitle apps having 4.5 ratings in the Appstore. It is used by millions of tik tokers and Instagrammers to add subtitles to their videos to boost engagement. The iOS and Android users explore the application to transcribe the audio in the video and add subtitles to it. The whole thing happens by Artificial Intelligence.

It helps to add texts, captions and headings to any part of your videos. You can change the styles, colours and fonts of subtitles in various languages. You can see subtitles in 2 languages at once in your video.

6. Get Subtitles

You must find lots of subtitles applications in the Play Store. But, Get Subtitles allows you to download subtitles in about 170 languages for your favourite movies and shows on an Android device. It, by virtue, features in the list of top best subtitle apps.

If you love to watch movies, sitcoms, web series, and shows on your Android device, you must download Get Subtitles to watch them in your preferred languages like French, English etc. The app automatically detects the videos and movies of the device and starts matching subtitles available on the internet. After that, it shows the available subtitle languages.

You can then easily choose among them and enjoy the content. Get Subtitles app helps to add subtitles on videos playing on VLC, MX or MX Player Pro.

Get Subtitles
Get Subtitles
Developer: Sunny Appz
Price: Free

7. Fox Sub

Another subtitles app used by Android users is Fox Sub. It helps to create, edit and hardcore subtitles and supports video and audio formats of SubstationAlpha, SRT and VVT files. One of the important features of the paid version of Fox Sub is it can hardcore subtitles to videos 30 hours long.

It can download available subtitles for your favourite shows. Also, it can translate the audio into different languages. Besides, you can customize the videos from the setting page.

FoxSub: Subtitle Editor
FoxSub: Subtitle Editor
Developer: Foxtail Mega
Price: Free

8. Sub Cap

You must explore the Sub Cap app for adding captions and subtitles in videos using your Android or iOS devices. It helps to generate captions, make subtitles and add mixed captions auto cap for veed.

You just need to upload a video from your gallery to the application and the subtitles automatically generate using AI accurately. The subtitle texts can be added in your preferred fonts, styles and positions.

Billions of tik tokers and Instagrammers are using the app to get more views for their videos. There are about 125 language options. Also, you can add subtitles manually.

Captions for Videos - SUBCAP
Captions for Videos - SUBCAP
Developer: Ratel
Price: Free

9. My Subtitles

Another popular subtitles application for iPhone users is My Subtitles. It is a movie editing application that helps you to add subtitles and captions to your videos. You have to first select a base movie or shoot a base movie. Then, you can select the subtitles and customize the starting position and duration period.

You can also re-edit the subtitles and change the fonts and colours if you want. After finishing the whole work, you can play the edited movie and save it to your album.

If you are passionate to make videos and spread your content to several people, you can use the application.

Developer: MekeFactory
Price: Free


In the above discussion, you can gain a huge idea about adding or downloading subtitles in the videos. Whether you use Android or iOS, you can get several highly-rated apps to watch your favourite shows, movies and sitcoms in your preferred languages.

Some applications may charge an amount to get subtitles but there are options to get free subtitles too. No matter what language you can understand, these applications must satisfy you. Language can be a barrier to getting connected with someone. Hope you have enjoyed the above discussion.

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