25 Best Funny Discord TTS Messages & Lines

If you own a discord server and use that server to interact with your friends, then come along with us to explore a treasure trove. If you are yet to know about the feature, then believe me it is one of the cool features on Discord. Therefore, stay tuned.

In this article, we will be discussing the 25 best and most funny TTS messages on discord. But, before that, take a glance at some general pieces of information.

What is Discord?

Discord is VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The application is developed by Discord Inc. The app is designed for online streamers, for instance, gamers, vloggers, etc.

You can remain connected with a huge number of people while streaming. You can chat, play a song, or enable tts feature to vent out the sense of humour you possess within a group. The sole thing you have to do is to create a server on Discord.

Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out
Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out

What is tts?

The acronym tts implies text-to-speech i.e. the bot or the server will read out the text you have commanded to do so.

How to enable the tts features?

Firstly, as mentioned, you have to create a server on Discord. Then you will be provided with a panel to type. Type /tts then apply a “space” followed by the text you want the bot to read.

So, now allow us to elucidate some examples of funny tts messages for discord.

25 funny TTS lines for discord

1. Atatata sound

Sometimes, it is quite soothing to annoy your dear ones. In that case, this is a funny tts line you can make your fellow streamers listen to. You have to type /tts atatatata. Type as long as you want to make it lengthy.

2. Ru Ru Song

Believe us, about funny tts lines, the weirder it gets the more fun it brings. This is hilarious to listen to in the robotic voice of AI. The command is /tts ru ru ru ru ru ru ru.

3. The Aooaa Aooaa Song

This is one of the best tts lines you can make the bot sound. The effort by the server to sing makes this one an epic. Type /tts aooaaaooaaaoooa to enjoy.

4. The ROFL copter

The name is justified as the ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing. It will create a machinery effect. You need to type /tts my ROFLcopter goes soi soi soi soi soi. To stretch the timing increase the number of soi in your command.

5. The Anununu Sound

With this tts line, you can tear out the stomachs of all your fellow streamers on the server. However, we don’t take any responsibility for the aftermath. And, you have to tackle their reactions. The command goes /tts anunununu.

6. The Gun Sound

Startle your friends on the server all of a sudden with this tts line. The best part is that they can not even physically slap on your wrist. You have to type /tts the gun goes dododooobrapbrap.

7. The Motor Boat Sound

This is an unconventional funny tts message on discord. Show the creativity in your humour with this. The command is /tts burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr drip drip.

8. The Lawn Mower Sound

Adore the list of best tts lines on Discord to apply at the right time. We all know the metallic sound of a lawn mower. To recreate the same on the Discord server your command is /tts the lawnmower goes shersheeershererere vavavoom shererere.

9. Lurl

It is a weird and funny word that can make you happy. You can try this with your friends by simply typing ‘/tts lurl’. It is a funny sound and can easily make your beloved happy.

10. The Bananananananabanabananabana Sound

This unique text-to-speech sound can make your friends laugh. You can enjoy such tts sound and share it with your friends. You can easily make happy anyone with/tts _ this line.

11. Sprinkler goes like!!!

Another outstanding sound that helps you to make your friends laugh is this one. You can use it as /tts My sprinkler goes like thisststststststs and comes back like ttttttttttttttte. This text-to-speech sound is a hilarious one.

12. The Printer Sound

If you want is hear some wired sound, this is one of them. This tts sound is one of the most annoying and unique sounds in discord.

13. The Oioi Sound

Another funny tts that you can share with your friend is the Oioi sound. You can make your friend laugh through this message.

14. Helicopter Sound

If you like the sound of a helicopter, you can try this in your messages. You can amaze your friends by typing /tts The helicopter goes SWA SWA SWA. Also, there is available another helicopter-based funny tts line.

15. A hilarious and funny sound

You can make laugh anyone if you write ‘/tts_’, this line. This funny tts message can amaze your friend. If you are feeling to make some fun with your beloved, you can use this.

16. The Dog sound

Another funny sound in discord not voice is the Dog sound. It sounds like a dog’s barking when your friend tries to read it out. You should try this one surely.

17. Rice burners

It is a single funny voice but you can expand or split it to make them sound more unique. You can share this with your family and friends. They should like this tts sound.

18. The Vowels Sound

You can create a weird sound by using just vowels. Here, you can use iiiieeooouuaaaii after /tts _.

19. Bois Bois Bois Bois!!

The discord text-to-speech messages also include ‘Bois Bois’. You can surely make your friend laugh through this tts if you want to. You have to simply write /tts bois bois bois and it will sound funny.

20. Mama Mia, Pappa Pia

Another unique and funny tts line that can give happiness to your beloved one is this one. You can talk to your friends and use these type of weird words sometimes.

21. The A: Sound

The discord bot also can pronounce the emojis that you want to share with your friend. Through this function, you can make pronounce clapping emoji as well. You just have to try with your friend and enjoy it together.

22. The Poop sound

Another interesting and annoying tts message in discord is The Poop sound. You can both make laugh or irritate your friends by sending them /tts Poop.

23. The at the Rate @ sound

You can get another funny tts message in discord which can surely make your friends laugh. You have to type /tts @@@@@@@@@@. This repeated @ sound will definitely annoy you and your friends. You can enjoy these kinds of sounds too in discord.

24. The ROFL train

You can find here actual train sound and make fun with your friends. This is one of the funny discord text-to-speech messages that can annoy your friends.

25. The Airplane

Discord bot can create the real sound of an aeroplane engine. This is one of the hilarious tts lines that can annoy you and your partner. This type of true sound is terrific. You can try this with your friends and enjoy it.

Drawing the Curtain

As you can see, we have put our utmost effort to provide you with the best tts lines and tts messages you can apply on Discord. Moreover, by typing anything funny in the context of your scenario and making the bot read out loud, you can observe satisfaction. We suggest you try those tts lines the next time you stream. Let us know your experiences. We are on the other side waiting eagerly to know. Happy Reading!

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