Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay [Complete List]

You don’t want to carry a bulky wallet with lots of cash when the tech-advanced era has given you the freedom to go cashless. Whether you’re buying items at a store or paying food bills in a restaurant, you take out your phone to complete the payment. No tension in counting cash or finding a card from your purse. You can enjoy the same benefits of cashless payments at gas stations too. All you need is an Apple device and Apple pay installed on it! This is the reason why more than 85% of US retailers accept Apple Pay, and customers are actively using this transaction process.

Not all gas stations accept Apple Pay, so we have brought you the list of the gas stations that take Apple Pay. Read the blog till the end to discover some additional information regarding Apple Pay.

Why Apple Pay?

While there are a lot of cashless options to go for, you still might have a question about why you should choose Apple Pay. Apple pay has all the genuine reasons to use it for daily transactions.

Here are some:

  • Apple pay works well with any Apple device, including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.
  • It is the safest method for money transactions. Apple Pay doesn’t share your card number with the system like debit, credit, or other transactions. The app creates a unique code that contains no original card information.
  • Payment through credit and debit cards takes a long time, especially when the stores are crowded. On the other hand, when you use Apple Pay, you don’t have to wait for someone. You can simply tap on your phone and complete the process.
  • Now Apple has launched a new feature that can save you a few bucks. If you associate your Apple card with Apple Pay, the app gives you 2% cashback for all transactions via Apple pay. This cashback percentage can increase if you are a loyal and regular customer. Apple Pay lets you transfer the money to your bank too.
  • Just like cash, credit and debit cards will also become obsolete in the future. While everyone is already running towards digital transactions, adapting yourself to Apple Pay will be the best.

List of Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay:

Among 32 gasoline retailers, you are sure to find one for your convenience. We have made your research a bit easy by bringing the list of gas stations that take apple pay. Check them out


Wawa is one of the popular gas station stores that has impressed the young generation and tech-savvy people by accepting Apple Pay. It has more than 600 gas stations spread across Maryland, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Washington DC, and more. The payment method is accepted both in-store and at the pump.


Most locations of Valero accept Apple Pay but not all. Currently, the brand operates in 38 states. Valero has limited stores that allow the transaction method as compared to Wawa.


Pump and in-stores of ARCO allow you to use Apple Pay. However, your debit or credit card should be linked with the app. The store operates in 15 different states of the US, including Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, and a lot more. In the near future, the company has plans to expand its stores to more states.


This is one of the popular growing global brands. There are 71800 store locations, so you can easily locate your nearest 7-eleven gas pump station through your phone. The fuel it gets is from Citgo, Sunoco, Texaco, and others. The store allows different payment options, including Apple Pay. Hence, you don’t have to think before using Apple pay while paying for fuel.


No matter where you go in the US, you will most likely get a Chevron gas pump near you. The station has speed over various States, including Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, etc. Besides getting the fuel, you can also get car wash service and food at its stores. Fortunately, the company allows Apple Pay at all locations, so you have nothing to worry about.


Shell is another gas station chain that accepts Apple pay at most stations and stores. Presently the company is operating in 50 states, but not all are fine with Apple Pay. However, you can expect the company to change the payment system in other stations in the future.


Sunoco is definitely not the name you have heard the first time. It is a very popular gas station in the US. Sunoco has also partnered with many companies to sell its fuel. As of now, it has 5200 franchises across the world. You can pay via Apple Pay at most locations regardless you are at the store or pump.


Sheetz stores and pumps accept Apple Pay at most of its locations except for some rural and small locations where technology has not developed much. You can find Sheetz pump stations and stores in more than 630 locations like Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.


With 36 States having Speedway stores, you will most likely get a pump station near you. You can use Apple pay for transactions at any Speedway station because every location accepts this method.


We can’t close the list without mentioning Costco, which is a huge wholesale retailer. Costco pump stations let you pay via Apple Pay if it is linked with your Visa credit or debit card. Currently, there are 500+ gas stations spread across 48 locations in the country.

How To Find A Gas Station That Allows Apple Payments?

Suppose you are at a gas station and all set to pay through Apple Pay. You come to know that the store is not accepting Apple pay. This can be a panic situation, right? You can save yourself from unnecessary hassle. Find a gas station that takes apple pay sitting anywhere. Follow the steps below…

iPhone or iPad

  • Open your device and go to Maps.
  • Type and search “gas stations nearby” or “gas stations near me” .
  • It will show some local gas stations. Click anyone.
  • Find and click Useful To Know.
  • Here you can check whether the story accepts Apple pay or not.


  • Open your device and launch Map.
  • Search for your nearest gas stations in the search bar.
  • Once you find a gas station, click on the (i) icon. It will display the information about the store.
  • Scroll down to view Useful To Know.
  • If you see Accept Apple Pay, it means you can go there and use the payment app.

How To Pay For Gas Via Apple Pay?

When you are at a gas pump station, you can pay for the fuel using Apple Pay. You need to have an Apple device like an iPhone or Apple watch to use Apple Pay. Check how you can quickly Apple Pay for the fuel at a gas station.

  • Firstly, install Apple pay on your device.
  • Add your bank account information or card details to link it.
  • Find a contactless payment symbol at the store.
  • Launch your device and open the Apple wallet.
  • Double tap on the side button.
  • Now it will ask to verify your identity. Use your camera for face ID or fingers for touch ID. If you have a passcode, enter it.
  • Place your phone over the symbol so it can scan it well. Wait for the beep.

Finally, a green screen with “ready” will appear, indicating the procedure has been successfully completed.

What To Do When Payment Fails?

Sometimes, Apple Pay shows some errors during the transaction process. The problem may occur due to any of the following reasons…

  • The gas station where you are does not accept Apple pay. If this occurs, you have to pay through another transaction method. Hence, it is recommended to check if the gas station is accepting your convenient payment method or not in advance.
  • The payment servers are down currently. In this case, you can try again by closing and reopening the app or waiting for some time.
  • Check if your Apple pay is properly linked with a credit card, debit card, or account. At times, the problem is with the card, so it’s always safe to keep additional options at hand.
  • You might be missing some steps required for the transaction. Therefore, take help from an attendant and verify the process.
  • If you find none of the problems above have occurred and are still facing the same issue, restart your device. Also, log out and sign in again to your Apple ID. Now try using the transaction process again.

Final Words

Apple Pay is the most convenient and safest payment method provided by Apple. You can use it on any Apple device. This payment method is already accepted across different sectors like restaurants, travel, education, etc. Pump stations also allow this transaction method due to its popularity and demand. The blog talks in detail about what gas stations take Apple Pay. Reach out through comments to ask your queries.

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