Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay? (Try This Instead) 

Home Depot, the one-stop house repair service provider, surely accepts e-transactions. But ‘does home depot take Apple Pay?’ sounds like a viable query. Earlier, Home Depot accepted Apple Pay payments in their retail.

Does Home Depot take Apple Pay

Things changed when Home Depot got into a partnership with PayPal. So, check if home depot accept apple pay presently or any other online transactions? If not, what are the alternatives for iPhone users, get to know below.

Who are Home Depot Retailers?

Home Depot is proudly one of the biggest home improvement retailers not only in North America but spread across the globe. Originally, the hardware store was established in 1979 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank and soon its popularity skyrocketed. They have over 2,300 stores alone in North America.

Since Home Depot is resolute to excel in the business, it’s natural that they should accept online payments. But ‘does it accept Apple Pay’ is our main concern.

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?

Before 2012, Home Depot used to retain transactions via Apple Pay. However, the confusion regarding home depot’s in-store payment options began when the hardware retailing business likely came in a written contract with PayPal. Since both PayPal and Apple Pay are competitors, therefore, Home Depot stopped considering the option of Apple Pay anymore.

So, are there any future possibilities of accepting Apple Pay? Clearly, no, at least until Home Depot and PayPal part ways.

Alternative Payment Options for Home Depot Consumers

Other than Apple Pay, home depot’s in-store payment options are traditional and widespread. You can check the alternative payment options for in-store retail and online shopping with the Home Depot below:

Accepted Payment Options in Retail Stores

  • Cash payment: Making cash payments is the most obvious option but can be restricted through physical boundaries. It’s not always possible to travel long distances and make your cash payment in person.
  • Through Checks: Another viable alternative to cash transactions can be clearing checks. Mention account no. and other bank details of the Home Depot store and drop the check in the nearest bank available in your vicinity. Within a few days, your payment will get cleared.
  • Credit Cards: Both Visa and Master payment cards have the largest network processors. While Visa works through the Visa payment network, MasterCard has its own network. Currently, both network cards are accepted by Home Depot for clearing payment. Other credit cards options like American Express and Discover are also accepted as payment means.
  • PayPal: As stated earlier, the confusion behind does home depot take Apple Pay is due to Home Depot’s pact with PayPal. Customers also use PayPal credit for processing their payments. Recently, Home Depot gift cards can also be purchased from PayPal. If you have a Home Depot prepaid MasterCard gift card, you can add it to PayPal.
  • Home Depot Gift Cards: The best among home depot’s in-store payment options is buying their gift cards. Home Depot Gift cards are plastic cards with monetary value to buy things. Using the Gift cards, you can purchase their merchandise both in-store or online.

Try The Alternative: Home Depot Gift Cards

Those who are irregular about using PayPal may find Home Depot Gift Cards as the most viable alternative. The Gift cards can be purchased online by applying from their site- Accordingly, as your amount persists within the card, you can purchase their merchandise from stores and online.

Home Depot Gift Cards are probably the best alternative along with improved services to other third-party means. With their gift cards, you can retrieve maximum offers, and discounts on bulk orders and get free delivery of over one million online items.

You can purchase Home Depot Gift cards by making payments through master cards, VISA, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. There’s no hidden charge included while loading the Gift Cards. Also, the amount persisting in the Gift cards does not expire.

How To Order With Home Depot Gift Cards?

As soon as you reload your gift card with an adequate balance, ordering with the Gift Cards won’t be a problem. Simply, select the item and add them to your cart. Then, you can check out under the Payment tab > select apply a gift card > insert the PIN and card Number to confirm your order.

Does Home Depot take Apple Pay in Selected Stores?

Many speculations are circulated that Apple Pay is still chosen as a popular choice in selected Home Depot retail stores. Apple Pay is still among the relevant Home Depot in-store payment options across Canada and the United States. But, yet there’s no official confirmation about the use of Apple Pay for Home Depot services.

Home Depot for iPhone/ Phone Users

The iPhone users, given that Apple Pay is no longer a viable option for Home Depot in-store purchases, have to rely on traditional means. The users have to install the Home Depot application and then adhere to cash, credit cards, gift cards, or payment using PayPal.

  • If the users require billing-related info, the visitors can provide their mobile numbers to the store associate. Accordingly, the associate will attach the bill to the carrier account bill.
  • Other than that, users can also link the phone account number with the credit card by PayPal.
  • The e-gift card option is also there to make purchases. It is more convenient because the e-gift card reaches the recipient within the next few hours. The recipients usually receive the e-gift card via their email.

The phone users can instantly use the Home Depot app to make in-app purchases which will take less time. So, using a phone Home Depot online purchases are smoother than any other Home Depot in-store payment options.

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The Future!

So, does Home Depot accept Apple Pay payments? Clearly no! Also, officially there’s no foreseeable future for using Apple Pay as long the partnership between PayPal and Home Depot persists. In reality, Home Depot has lost many consumers who are regular with Apple Pay. So, adding Apple Pay as a payment option would only work in their favour.

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